Police Dispatcher Radio

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Police Dispatcher Radio

Post  Scarfacexx on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:38 pm

Pretty simple, really. Admins can set people's ranks.
List goes like this:
0 - Citizen
1 - Officer
2 - Dispatcher
3 - Sergeant
4 - Captain Other then dispatcher, no real difference between the police ranks right now.

Spawning a Radio - Type APB_createradio in console, If your rank is 2 (or dispatcher), spawns a radio at the position of your cursor. ONLY dispatchers can use this, not higher ranks.

Using the Radio - +APB_Radio
You have to bind this one. Just bind it to whatever key you want your radio menu to be on. It's pretty self explanatory once you have it open. Custom radio messages can be used as well with the obvious button. Dispatchers can use this, but their actual dispatches are sent from the radio they spawn. Just press 'E' on the radio.

Using Tactical Cloak - APB_ToggleCloak
Right now, just turns on your tactical cloak (if you're an officer). Similar in style to Ghost in the Shell's therm-optic camo, and similar in design to NEOTOKYO's own system. Generally good idea to bind this command.Once pressed, your cloak comes on. It's only on for 9 seconds,
so it was really designed for breaching exercises. After it runs out, it takes 30 seconds to charge back up. You are slightly more visible when moving, and a lot more visible when attacking (even though muzzle flash is probably enough)In later versions, this will actually toggle it, so you can use a little, turn it off, then use it again.

If you have any questions, Concerns or bugs, Please report.


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