Weapon Upgrades and Customizations

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Weapon Upgrades and Customizations

Post  Scarfacexx on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:39 pm


- Ironsights
- Dynamic accuracy
- Dynamic recoil
- Additional first-person effects, such as gunfire heat and gunfire smoke
- Crosshair customization in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > Customizable Weaponry > Client)
- Global weapon behaviour for server admins in the Q menu (Q> Utilities > Customizable Weaponry > Admin)
- Super loading/Bullet chambering
- Manual reload
- Optimized (only 2 DTInts and 1 DTFloat)
- Console variable that slightly changes the weapon's origins
- Full compability with addons such as WAC, SCars, etc (or at least it should be that way)
- Custom ammo types (5.56x45 NATO, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, etc)
- Mouse wheel based zoom with sniper rifles
- Damage is affected by distance
- Thin surface penetration (disabled at the moment)
- Moving your mouse fast decreases your accuracy
- Melee system. Bind a key to cstm_melee, and you can melee stuff with your weapon!

- 2 Firemodes (semi-auto/automatic):
* Taking aim with an assault rifle while using the semi-auto firemode slightly increases your accuracy

- Various other customizations in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > Customizable Weaponry):
* You can customize your crosshair
* You can turn off various parts of your crosshair
* You can toggle various effects for the SWEPs
* You can use different weapon origin positioning
* You can toggle a view bob effect when reloading (like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the like)

//-----Weapon customization:-----\\
* 4 Aim-assisting attachments:
- ACOG scope
- Aimpoint scope
- EOTech 557 red-dot sight
- Docter red-dot sight

//-----M203 Upgrade (V.I.P Only):-----\\
- 3 Grenade types:
* HE 40MM Grenade (normal)
* CE 40MM Grenade (150% blast damage, 50% blast radius)
* Smoke 40MM Grenade

* Vertical grips
* Beta C-Magazines
* Suppressors are toggleable on most weapons, excluding shotguns
* Laser sights

//-----Types of Ammo Rounds:-----\\
- FMJ Ammo (normal)
- Hollow-point ammo
- Armor-piercing ammo
- Magnum ammo
- "Masher" ammo (special ammo for Model 627 in the "Extra" pack
- Incendiary ammo
- Explosive ammo (ammo for shotguns)
- Slug ammo (ammo for shotguns)

- Sprinting affects your weapon:
* Cannot reload while sprinting
* Cannot fire while sprinting
* Sprinting interrupts weapon reload

- Reload varies depending on how much ammo is left in the weapon:
* Reloading an empty weapon results in a longer reload
* Reloading a non-empty weapon results in a shorter reload
* Reloading a non-empty weapon leaves a single bullet in your weapon (chambered bullet) and moves the amount of ammo left in the mag to your ammo in reserve


Primary attack key - fire
Secondary attack key - use ironsights
Use key + secondary attack key - attach suppressor (if possible)
Use key + reload key - change firemode (if possible)
Use key + primary attack key - toggle between M203 and rifle modes (WHEN SWITCHED TO M203, TAKE AIM TO FIRE OUT A GRENADE)


Q: How do I attach an attachment to a weapon?

A: Open your Q menu, and go to 'Entities'. Then, find a category called "Weapon Upgrades". Most rifles and SMGs require a rail mount, so spawn that first.
Walk up to the rail mount, and while wielding a "customizable" weapon, press your use key at the rail mount.
After that, you can attach any attachment, that supports your weapon.
Simple, isn't it?

Q: Some attachments look like they're simply glued onto the gun, why?

A: I only have a single rail model, and using it on every weapon is not something I want to do.

Q: I cannot see the attachments!

A: Some addons conflict with this. As such, you will not be able to see attachments. People with MACs seem to have problems like these too. Sorry, I'm on a PC, so I can't really fix this.

Q: How can I increase my accuracy?

A: You can: stop moving, switch to semi-auto, crouch down, aim down the sights, attach an aim enhancing attachment.

Q: I don't have any ammo in reserve for some weapons!

A: Spawn the "Ammokit" SWEP in category "Throwable Weapons"

Q: The ACOG scope has this reflection on it and I can barely see anything.

A: You have another ACOG model in your GMod folder somewhere, which is over-writing the current ACOG lense texture

Clavus - SWEP Construction Kit
Kogitsune - giving me the ACOG render target code, being awesome and teaching me Lua since 2008.
wystan - attachment models
Bunneh - custom silencer texture
Kopimi - helping me out with the compability for SharpEye, WAC, etc.


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