Proper Application for Requesting Admin

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Proper Application for Requesting Admin

Post  Scarfacexx on Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:50 pm

You've come to this topic to apply for admin on the Deadly Serious Roleplaying Public Server. Few rules for posting an application for admin:
You must be over 15

You must be a Trained admin

You must have proof your older than 15 (A mic will do)

You must have good grammar

Now for the questions you must answer for applying.

~~~~ Application ~~~~
1.Whats your FULL name?:

2.How old are you?:

3.What will you do to help the Deadly Serious Roleplay Server out?:

4.Can you lua code?:

5.If someone was racist, What would you do?:

6.Are you a strict admin?:

7.If someone was breaking NLR/RDM, What would you do?:

8.Are you a FULLY trained admin?:

9.If you abused do you understand that you will get banned/de-ranked?:

10.If someone prop blocked spawn, What would you do?:

11.If someone was abusing props ( Prop-push/kill/surf ) What would you do?:

12.Are you a Woman or a Man? ( Optional ):

13.Have you been an admin on any other servers?:

14.What would you do if someone was spamming the chat or mic?:

15.Do you like the [Deadly Serious RP] Server If yes, Why?:

16.What happend if someone crashed the server?:

17. Steam Name and ID:

18.Can you be dedicated to the fourms and show activity?:

Thats it! And just a few notes:

|Remember to have fun

|Always tell "Scarfacexx" If you ban someone.

|Only use "Noclip" when needed.

I will reply once you've posted ( May reply late, If so then i'm sorry!


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