Mike Kents, Admin Request Topic

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Mike Kents, Admin Request Topic

Post  Mike Kent on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:59 am

1.Whats your FULL name?: Michael Joseph Kent II

2.How old are you?: 17

3.What will you do to help the Deadly Serious Roleplay Server out?: I have a long history with running and ruling Rp servers across Garrysmod, I myself am friends with a roleplaying group and recently their server went under, I mentioned this server and I can guarantee a large influx of members in the next upcoming weeks

4.Can you lua code?: No, but I have friends who are excellent

5.If someone was racist, What would you do?: First I would correct the problem by addressing why they used the Racial Word, resulting in an automatic kick, then if it continued it would escalate from there to a Temporary Ban, then a Official Permanent Ban.

6.Are you a strict admin?: Yes but i'm not aggressive, meaning I recite the rules but at the same time have a calm disposition.

7.If someone was breaking NLR/RDM, What would you do?: Re-explain the rules to the Victims and the Rule Breaker, then kick the offender.

8.Are you a FULLY trained admin?: Yes Ive ran multiple Rp Servers and ive been super-admin on Four

9.If you abused do you understand that you will get banned/de-ranked?: I would except the punishment if ever such a situation occurred.

10.If someone prop blocked spawn, What would you do?: Instant Kick, if the problem persisted it would escalate to temp-ban then Permanent Ban.

11.If someone was abusing props ( Prop-push/kill/surf ) What would you do?: Explain the Rules and kick the offender, if the problem persisted it would escalate to Temp-Ban then to Perma-Ban

12.Are you a Woman or a Man? ( Optional ): I am a Male

13.Have you been an admin on any other servers?: yes on multiple servers.

14.What would you do if someone was spamming the chat or mic?: I would Explain the rules and if the problem persisted it would end up being a kick, Temp-ban then a permanent Ban.

15.Do you like the [Deadly Serious RP] Server If yes, Why?: Yes, The Rp Section seems to be more strict than others which is right up my alley when im looking for a server to be on all the time.

16.What happend if someone crashed the server?: I would obtain the Offenders Id and perma-ban them, afterwords I would notify the leader Via Forums or Steam on the situation

17. Steam Name and ID: =GIN= «ξρΐς»Kjwarrior

18.Can you be dedicated to the fourms and show activity?: Yes, due to the fact that the server I was active on before has gone under...

Thank You for your time
-Mike Kent

Mike Kent

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Re: Mike Kents, Admin Request Topic

Post  Scarfacexx on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:13 am

This is probably going to be the only time this ever happens haha.
I usally have a 2 week playing period where you have to be in the server for 2 weeks so i can get to know you, but i just have a gut feeling and im going to go with it. Dont let me down



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