Job Rules and details

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Job Rules and details

Post  Scarfacexx on Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:06 am

Job Rules, Breaking a rules can lead to blacklisting or ban

Goverment Jobs. ( Police Officers, Police Dectives, SWAT, Swat Cheif, Army, Mayor, etc etc )

Can arrest people on sight for having any weapon out.
Arrest must ALWAYS be preferred over killing. Only shoot at suspects to return fire, or if they are getting away.
May shoot to kill the suspect if suspect is of immediate threat to the officer or civilians.
Police Chief acts as the Mayor, until someone is elected as a Mayor.
May randomly search people for weapons, only confiscate if weapons is illegal though.
May request search warrants and raid residencies/bases under the suspicion of illegal weapons and/or money printers.
May confiscate or destroy illegal items such as money printers, weapons, drugs.
May create roadblocks.
Must always have a guard stationed at the roadblock, to allow people to pass through it.
Must allow access through to everybody.
A Police Officer may become corrupted, or rebel.
The corrupted officer may sabotage the police force, by letting known criminals go, or let armed criminals in.
Mayor must be given time to establish his laws and base before rebelling takes place. >5 minutes at least (5 minutes after becoming mayor).
A corrupted or rebel officer may not attack his teammates. If armed rebellion is intended, the corrupt or rebel police must change his job to gangster of either gang.
Can be arrested by fellow officer's who learn of the corruption (though, some form of proof or suspicion should be collected first).
S.W.A.T Team must be inside of the jail at all times and role play as prison guards until called out to battle. You must release the prisoners within a good time. The jail timer is set to 1000, So you guys and the mayor decide when to release the prisoner, or give him the death penalty or the full time sentence. This is to make it so the player DOESN'T want to goto jail and if they do, they will do the time. So please release them in a good time frame. Do not abuse this or you will be under the blacklist for ALL government jobs.
US Army Has to stay within their military compound until called out by mayor. You still to yourselves and practice shooting your guns or organizing and mobilizing at the call of the mayor. Practice running drills, Stacking up on doors, Breaching techniques and teamwork communication. This is a TEAM class. You must have good teamwork, communication, and be good at following directions and orders from your superior.

Gangs. ( Juggalo's, Wicked Clowns, Juggalo ninja, Mafia, Mafia Boss and hitman

Gang leaders can not order their gangsters to break the rules.
Gang leaders can order gangsters to take on the role of the thief & any rules associated.
You are allowed to kill the person you're trying to rob from.
They are not allowed to come back within 3 minutes of their death.
You are not allowed to keep attacking the same person over and over.
You can kidnap people for ransom.
Gangs can kill their rival gang members on sight, however, gangs may not spawn-camp.
Gangs may rebel against CP force and mayor
May only attack CP and/or mayor, in direct attacks/raids on either PD or mayor. No declaring open war.
Mayor must be given time to establish his laws and base before rebelling takes place. >5 minutes at least (5 minutes after becoming mayor).
Is still vulnerable to gang war, and every other rule associated with gangsters.

Gun dealer and Gun Supplier

You may not use weapons purchased as a gun dealer in another job. Switching job from gundealer means you leave the guns behind.
You may not side with any faction, denying service to another, including "red/blue/cp gundealer".
You may only use weapons to protect yourself or your property.

Mayor and Mayors Daughter

You may not ask or order any government officials to break server rules, nor do anything outside the specification of their job.
The mayor's rule is for everybody, a group or person can not be immune to the rules the mayor makes.
The mayor can be corrupt just like police and can take bribes to make or lift rules benefiting the paying party but can not make the paying party immune to his laws.
Government Officials are allowed to have gun's that would break the mayor's gun law because it is used for the mayors and cities protection. The mayor is never immune to his own laws.

Hobo / Pets

Throwing bug bait at others or on their property is considered an arrestable offense. hobo's may do what they wish to their own props though.
Pooping on people as a pet is considered an "attack" which people may "defend" themselves against. In simple words - poop on people, and they might kill you.
Spamming hobo or pet sound is considered mic spamming, and will be dealt with accordingly. Continuous non-stop use of bug bait is considered spamming.


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