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Player Rules

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Main Rules

No Prop killing, climbing, surfing, blocking, pushing, or spamming

Using a prop as a ramp to get into somebody's base or on top of a ledge. It is however accepted if built as a permanent staircase. This means it should both appear and act as a permanent staircase. Borderline cases are decided by the acting admins, at their own discretion.

Raiding And Building ( Basing ) Rules

It sucks, but people have to be able to break into your base/house.
keypads/buttons must be immediately visible in the vicinity of the door. No hidden keypads/buttons. Blocking the spawn will result in a instant perma-ban.
Each keypad must lead directly to a non-fake door, which means no fake keypads, and no keypad chains (opening one keypad unlocks another).
But you are however allowed to block off all entrances but one. Don't make it unfair. Use good judgement.
Nocollided props are allowed as part of buildings, however, must never act as doors or windows. Using nocollided props as cover in firefights is not allowed.
If a single thief(gangster) is not able to break through your defenses, using the standard tools, then you are prop blocking.
If any fading door timer is set too low to give a raider a decent chance at getting in, you are propblocking.
A thief must go through no more than 4 doors to get inside your base. It does not matter what type of door (dynamic, static, faded etc) 4 is the limit.
You may have multiple entrances to your base as long as the thief does not have to go through more than 4 doors. Small fading doors used to transfer money/items in the shop does not count towards the 4 limit,
but small fading doors used to store any item a thief will want to steal (guns, printers, drugs etc) does count towards the 4 limit.
Do not block off nor claim large parts or sections of the map. Doors that are marked unownable should remain accessable for everybody. Public areas should never be blocked off.
A slight exception exist for Police road blocks. See Police job rules for specifics.
Do not build inside other peoples base's. Never build inside PD unless part of the goverment jobs, or mayor. If job is lost, all related props should be removed immediately. All of your props may be removed by admin, if you fail to adhere to this rule.

No prop killing/pushing.

This is a roleplaying server, not a deathmatch server. As such, there are specific rules against killing other players. See job rules for specifics.
Robbers robbing a house may kill people found inside. The people inside may defend themselves against robbers.
You may not create kill zones. Only rooms sectioned off with purchasable static doors count as legitimate property, in which you may defend yourself against intruders.
You are always allowed to defend yourself in the event of anyone attacking you.
Spawn camping is not tolerated, even if you have a legitimate roleplaying reason tied to your job to kill the person spawning (i.e red mob vs blue mob or vice versa).
Killing to collect a bounty is allowed, and encouraged. It is however against Goverment laws, and you may be arrested for it.
Vigilantes are not allowed. If you see someone perform a crime, or run from the Police, you are not allowed to interfere unless directly involved (victim, or affiliated with the criminal).
Do not shoot at Goverment Officals that you think witnessed a crime that you did, unless they are chasing you.

No "TEAM" Killing

While you are in some faction-based jobs, such as red or blue gangster, or Police, you are in direct alliance with the rest of your colleagues.
Killing a teammate should never occur. Change your job, or have the colleague you are arguing with change job instead.
Police Officals killing mayor should never occur. There are specific rules that apply to corrupt or rebel officer's. See Police job rules for specifics..
Gangsters raiding, robbing, mugging, kidnapping or otherwise inflicting other gangsters within same gang must not occur.
If you are unable to work together, stay away from each other.

Follow NLR.

NLR stands for "New Life Rule". That means, if you do get killed, no matter what job you are (even police), you forget what happened and move on.
No revenge killing/arresting. If you were RDM'd, tell an admin. Never attempt to enforce the rules yourself by killing or arresting rule breakers.
After you die, you are not allowed to return to the place of your death (or anywhere near it) for at least THREE minutes. This gives gangsters a chance to steal your stuff.

Raiding/burglary rules

Gangsters may break into an apartment, base, or structure owned by another player to steal anything found inside.
While doing so, the gangster may protect himself by killing the people inside, or defending himself against interfering officer's.
People inside may equally defend themselves from the intruder.
Gangsters may team up with other gangsters while breaking an entrance, however, people of other jobs (including bounty hunters) may not participate.
This means that bodyguards, gun dealers, police, medics, bounty hunters, or any other job not gangster, is forbidden from participating in a raid.

Do Your job

If you know that you are going afk for some time, leave the job or server so others may have it.
Do not change the faction, group, or specifics of your job. You are allowed to be creative in terms of roleplaying, however, do not take on the roles of another job or faction than your own.
You may however join fictional groups or factions, as long as they do not violate the specifics of your job. Even if you change your job title, you are still bound by every rule your base-job is.
In plain english, this means that examples such as "red gang gundealer", "blue gang mayor", "CP scout bird", "red gang bodyguard" and similar examples is NOT allowed.

Respect Players

Respect: Always treat other members with respect, even if you disagree with them.
Debates are fine, but ad hominem attacks (personal attacks) are not. This includes racism, sexism, or any other kind of insults. Avoid making derogatory comments and flaming.
Also respect the privacy of others, and don't share their personal information without permission.

Respect Admins

Admins busy on-duty should not be disturbed under any circumstance.
Ignoring an admin will lead to your own doom until attention is received.
If you disagree with an admin, pm your questions or comments to him or her in a polite manner.
Swearing at admins, or otherwise hostile behavior is an offense in itself, and will be dealt with harshly, even if you are correct in the case you are whining about.
Any threats whatsoever towards admins will authorize those admins to abuse and dominate you to the fullest extent of their powers.
Impersonating an admin is grounds for permanent ban.

No Whining

Nobody likes a whiner, and that includes us. Whatever cause or issue you may have with something or someone, take it to pm's, or the forum.
If you are frustrated to the point of boring the people on the server with your raged banter, disconnect instead. If you are unable to stop whining, expect us to shut you up. Permanently.

Holding Events

Admins are allowed to create events that may or may not disrupt regular role playing activities.
The admin creating such an event must clarify his/her identity and may not be undercover.

Default Laws

All drugs are illegal by default. Cigarettes, beer, and water is legal (obviously) Default laws for guns are: pistols and knives are legal, everything else is illegal. The mayor can change this law, it will however go back to default when the mayor changes jobs or disconnect.
Any and every weapon (including legal ones) held out in public is considered a criminal offense, and you may be arrested for it. If the CP feels threatened by the weapon, or fear for his own or other citizens life, he may shoot and kill the suspect.

No MetaGaming

Meta-game is when you gain & use information not directly available to your role playing character. Using information from /ooc is such an example, taking actions towards players based on their model/skin is another.
The exception is gangsters - If you are a gangster, and look upon a gangster of opposite faction, he may be shot on sight.

Glitch Abusing

Unfortunately, our server and game mode code are not perfect. If you find a glitch in any form, inform the nearest admin about it immediately. Silently abusing the glitch is grounds for permanent ban.
If you are in doubt if what you are doing is a glitch or not, ask before proceeding.
No explosives in any form or shape are allowed on the server, and we've taken steps to prevent spawning them. Finding a glitch that circumvents this protection means you are breaking this rule.
No class or job is allowed to sell the tools or weapons that they spawned with.
Please note that gangsters can, and are allowed to buy and sell lock pick and keypad crackers, even to players of other jobs (only CP, gangster, bounty hunters are able to pick them up).

Building Locations

Our map is designed with enough room so that all bases should be made inside current buildings. Sky bases and/or any other kind of bases are NOT allowed to be built outside of map buildings; this includes hand built vehicles, or any kind of entrance to a building. Police classes and Hobos are the only classes legally permitted to build outside buildings but only for the class purposes (Hobos build small homes and Police build sniper/watch towers and checkpoints). Structures violating this rule may be removed without any prior warning.


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